rush kids

10:00am on Sundays 

@ rush church

Ages 1 to 2  /  Ages 3 to 5  /  Ages 6 to 12   

These programs are offered during the Adult's service.  Rush church has a 1/2 hour of live music that starts at 10AM.  Just come and sign your children in, grab a cup of coffee or drink, and enjoy the music and service. Pastor Natalie and our adult leaders are committed to encourage and teach our children the importance of Jesus.

6:30pm on Wednesdays 

@ rush church

Ages 5 to 12  

Pastor Natalie will bring the kids a night of learning with fun games and events to illustrate the love of Jesus. 

our motto is: LEARN   LOVE    LAUGH

rush youth

10:00am on Sundays after the music

6:30PM on Wednesdays

@ rush church

ages 13 to 18

Lets teach and demonstrate the love of Jesus

Teenagers have a lot of questions during this phase of life and we want to partner with parents to equip our teens to make the very best decisions in Christ Jesus.

career & college - C2

6:00PM on Sundays

@ rush church

What young adult does not have questions and concerns about the future?  Be honest with yourself and stop trying to do this journey on your own.  Jesus teaches us the importance of family and sharing life together in love. Loving one another and helping each other through vital decisions in life with God's amazing Word and the guidance of His Spirit is water to our souls and the lamp unto our feet.  

He restores our souls!