core values

we simply live out our name

  • r - Relate

    Relate with God and Others to build meaningful friendships

    Relationships are the only investments truly worth our intentions. Healthy relationships must be intentional. They require our time and devotion. A right relationship with God in Heaven enables us to be in right relationships with others around us. God is Love, and devotion toward Him allows His Love to permeate.

  • u - Unite

    Unite with God and Others to bring positive impact

    Unifying together is the absence of pride and self ambition. Putting others first and self gain last keeps unification vibrant and continual. All will benefit and all will profit if unity is preserved. It is sacred and the greatest moves all God come when He sees this form of sacrifice among His people.

  • s - Serve

    Serve God and Others to show authentic Love

    Serving is the expression of Love. It is real love in action. If you love someone you will always find ways to serve that someone. If Love is the deposit, serving is the withdrawal. The church that serves it community will make the greatest impact for the behalf it its community.

  • h - Honor

    Honor God and Others to reflect God's Glory

    Christ died for all people. If Christ saw value in all people shouldn't we also? To honor is to find that value. Honoring God is done by loving the people He died for. To honor shows respect, fairness, and integrity. Try to serve when your views of justice are challenged. Salvation comes in the midst of honor. 

    No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. -Calvin Coolidge (American 30th President of the United States, 1872-1933)

  • RUSH church

    At rush we believe that if we can  Relate with Jesus and people building lasting and healthy relationships and Unite together with a common love to fulfill the tasks at hand led by the Holy Spirit of God, and simply Serve with a desire to put others first we can bring Jesus His due Honor.